Friday, September 17, 2010

no vlog this week

I really wanted to be consistent with the weekly vlog thing.  A lot of things have been going on with me.  Having Lap Band surgery may have very well saved my life on more than one level.  When I went in for surgery, the anesthesiologist listened to my heart murmur (which I have known that I have always had) and was apparently concerned enough about what he heard to go talk to the Chief of Cardiology of the (military) hospital where I got my lap band.  I was cleared for surgery, but the Chief of Cardiology ordered an echocardiogram to be done a couple of weeks after surgery.  I had the echo done and it turns that I am quite the specimen.  I went in yesterday to meet with the cardiologist for a follow up consultation and the findings are that I have some congenital issues that if not fixed may very well lead to heart failure.  As a matter of fact, he seemed almost surprised that I have not already had a stroke.

If I would not have had Lap Band surgery, I would have never known that I had these issues.  And of all doctors that have ever been involved with my health care throughout my life, it was an anesthesiologist that cared enough to look one step further.

They are going to send a scope down my throat to get some better views of my heart before they refer me to a "heart hospital" and the heart hospital will check me out before recommending course of action which apparently pretty much boils down to operating on my heart.

The cardiologist does not want me exercising, but I do intend to at least get out and walk as the weather is getting nicer.

I thought I was scared to get lap band...but I am absolutely terrified of having my heart worked on.

Well....on to lap band related stuff...I think I am just not going to do well until I get my first fill.  I am just not strong enough to diet on my own.  I've gained another 2 pounds.  Uggg...but I am relating this to stress eating.


  1. Must be a very frightening time for you, thank goodness you had this surgery and your problem was found out about.
    Really hope that you get good results from your next test.

  2. Nothing like a health problem to send a person into a spiral of stress eating. Hang in there and don't be too hard on yourself. Do your best to eat sensibly. Try to wait until you are hungry, eat protein first and stop eating as soon as you get the full feeling. If you are cleared for it, try to take a short walk each day. Keep blogging too! It helps!

  3. I hope they work it out for you and get you better.

    The weight loss will come, just look after yourself.

  4. Alison - Thank you so much. It is frightening, but I have a wonderful rock of a husband that is giving me so much support and comfort. I also find comfort in the comments from this blogger family. Thank you gain.

    Amanda - I had considered to stop blogging, but I think you are right that it does help. I also will continue to try to get my diet on track, especially considering the fact that I most likely will have another surgery in store for me. I am sure that every bit of poundage off will be to my advantage.

    Sam - Thank you. I feel better knowing that I will be referred to a civilian heart hospital. Although I love my military, I am not particularly confident with them when it comes to my heart.

    I probably will not be posting anything more on this subject on this blog as I do want to stay on the topic of Lap Band. But, anyone can feel free to contact me if they are interested in what is going on.