Wednesday, September 8, 2010

week 3 update, first vlog

This is my first vlog.  This is my back up to pictures, which I don't seem to get into a lot of.  So...with a weekly update, I will be able to watch my progression as I work on getting this weight off.  And... it is something to look back on once I do reach goal or have lost a significant amount of weight.

I just watched my preview and it looks like the audio and video are a bit off.  Oh well..That was take 10 and I'm not doing it over.


  1. My first vlog was a mess! Love it!! The scars go away slowly but they do fade like everything else.

  2. I also gained weight when I integrated solids....It sounds like you know why this happened, but also think part of it is because your body is now re-learning how to digest real food. I think you'll find that it comes off easier than you might expect.

  3. Jenny - thanks. As far as the scars, I expect they will be a little dark since the few acne scars that I have are dark. It would be nice if they do fade though. I have some fade cream that I started rubbing on them. We'll see.

    Jennifer - I hope it does come off easier than I think...cuz, right now...I am thinking that this is the pits. I ended up with a really good day sticking to what I am supposed to be sticking to. I guess I do have to cut my stomach some slack. It's been through a lot lately.

    I really do appreciate the comments. Thanks!

  4. Hi Lena! Thanks for following my blog! I can't wait to catch up on yours too!

  5. Hi there! I saw you are one of my new followers on my blog and wanted to return the favor. I have read several of your posts to kinda sorta get to know a little about you and you seem great. So glad you got banded. It will get better, I promise!

  6. Nice job on your first Vlog Girl!! Good to see you.

    Talk to you soon.