Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I know...I already posted today

but this is just a quick update on today.

I found today to be much harder than yesterday.  I don't know if it was because I was just gung ho yesterday.  I want to stick to my pre-op diet and not waver from it at all.  Yesterday, I was spot on with my diet.  Thank goodness I started 2 days early.  I didn't do anything real bad today, but my "crazy" was making me think I was starving.  I broke down and added a serving of Progresso chicken noodle soup, which is not on the diet, but only 110 calories.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but I felt the need to make note of it.  I guess I am afraid of a small slip today and larger ones later on.


  1. I was lucky and only had to do my pre-op diet for 24 hours before surgery. I am sure that if I had to do it for any length of time I would have had numerous slip-ups!!! After all, we choose lap-band because we have control issues, right??
    Good luck with the rest of your diet and the beginning of your journey!!! You will do awesome!!!

  2. Hang in there...this is the hardest thing you'll do but it's crucial you stick to your program so that you shrink that liver and make surgery an easier go. Mine was two weeks of nothing but slim fast. It sucked but gave me a 13 lb loss jumpstart.
    Be strong and good luck.

  3. As slip-ups go, that is SO a manageable one. I too only had to do liquids for 24 hours, though I had a restricted diet for 2 weeks before. You are on the right track and ABSOLUTELY have the right mindset to be successful with your band. Don't sweat a little slip and just keep on trucking along with it from here. You can do it!! :D