Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you all. I'm already feeling the love.

I woke up this morning to a bunch of encouraging comments.  Thank you all so much.  I made it through day one of liquid pre-op diet and it wasn't that bad.  I think the thing that helped me the most is that my pre-op diet included a sample menu that even included times to have each thing.  I've decided to follow the sample menu as is which makes it a no brainer for me.  I don't want to make things any harder.

I work from home and I have 3 kids home with me right now.  I also have 2 kids (21 and 20) that are grown and a granddaughter that have moved to Colorado.  My kids at home are DD (Bubbles) 12, DS (Chi-Chi) 4, and DD almost 2 (Pumpkin Butter).  Nick names of course.  My 12 and 4 start school this Thursday, so it will just be me and Pumpkin Butter at home.

The thing I hate about working from home is that I have easy access to the pantry.  I found myself standing at the door of the pantry yesterday and just staring.  It isn't filled with that many bad things but it could use a whittling down.  I am going to work on that today.

I found my tape measure and will take my first measurements as that is the official first day of my pre-op diet.  I will take a new pics each time I take measurements.  I have also decided to vlog and I probably will start that the day before surgery.  How often do you guys get on the scale?  Honestly, I weigh daily but I am thinking that is a bad habit.

I guess this is all for now.  I may think of more stuff later.  I am really psyched right now and want to keep this energy.


  1. I'm on day 2 of my pre-op diet also. My surgery date is Aug 9. I plan on weighing once a week, Monday will be my weigh day since that is my surgery day. Good luck to you!


  2. http://amandakiska.blogspot.com

    I was banded in February and have lost 70 lbs. I am so glad I did it and you will be too! So sorry about the sucky pre-op diet. Just hang on. You're getting so close!

  3. Sarah - I want to try to just do once a week. I seem to always want to sneak a peek every day. I also don't want to discourage myself if the scale is not being friendly. I'm going to try.

    Amanda - 70 pounds since February. That is so flippin' awesome. I'm trying to imagine myself there right now. 70 pounds down. Gosh! I can't weight, errr...I mean wait.

  4. I weigh daily. I actually think weighing daily is a good idea, and have read that it is a good idea, also. It keeps me on track, I know when I will be up and down naturally, but if I am a lot on day, i can look at what I ate the day before and it is helpful.

    Good luck with pre-op!

  5. Good luck with your surgery! I was banded 18 months ago, so if you have any questions just ask. (I've lost 90 pounds so far, and have only 10 pounds to go to get to my goal weight!) Good luck with everything! I'll be back to follow your blog and say hi!


  6. Janelle - I'm so flip floppy on this whole "to weigh or not to weigh." I know it is hard for me to not check. I'm sure I'll be peeking. Thanks for the good luck!

    Christine - Thank you so much for following me. I do have questions, so I will be shooting some your way.

  7. Nice to meet you...V sent me.
    I can't wait to follow you in this journey.
    We'll see you on the other side.

  8. Hey... I was banded March 23rd, 2010 and have lost 74 pounds since my pre-op diet started... 12 days before surgery. I am thrilled with my progress and so happy I decided to do this for myself, it is not easy... at all, but it is easier than trying to keep it off on my own. *Maria*-Blogger from "This one time at BAND Camp..." Check out my blog at mybigfatbandgeeklife.blogspot.com